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Tailored Specifications

Opting for the appropriate specifications in your restroom/washroom refurbishment project holds significant importance. To address this concern, our dedicated specification team is readily available, equipped with their expert knowledge and advice for every restroom/washroom refurbishment endeavor. Their ideas are derived from extensive experience and an unwavering passion for designing exceptional washrooms and executing bathroom refurbishments.

Moreover, our team is fueled by enthusiasm and committed to serving as your guiding support throughout the entire bathroom refurbishment process. They are determined to assist you at every stage, starting from specification and washroom design, and continuing until the successful completion of the project. Count on their unwavering support and expertise to ensure a seamless journey towards achieving your desired washroom or bathroom transformation.


Estimating your Restroom/Washroom design project

Restroom/Washroom design

Estimating your Restroom/Washroom design project

Our dedicated team of estimators is readily available to cater to your unique requirements, ensuring that we provide the ideal solutions for your restroom/washroom design project. They go above and beyond by offering samples, a wide range of color options, and in-depth product knowledge whenever necessary.

We take immense pride in our ability to offer a personalized service that encompasses every aspect of your project. From providing detailed CAD layout drawings to managing product delivery, lead times, installation scheduling, and more, we strive to make your experience seamless and hassle-free. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive service that exceeds your expectations.

How Many Toilets Should a Workplace Have?

We often get asked how many toilets a workplace should have. The government has issued very clear guidelines on this, with the legal minimum varying depending upon the size of the company in question. For instance, a small company with up to 5 employees need only have one mixed use toilet and washbasin. This increases to 5 toilets and washbasins for companies with up to 100 employees on-site.

This is broken down further for mixed sex public bathroom designs below:

  • 1-5 People – 1 toilet & 1 washbasin
  • 6-25 People – 2 toilets & 2 washbasins
  • 26-50 People – 3 toilets & 3 washbasins
  • 51-75 People – 4 toilets & 4 washbasins
  • 76-100 People – 5 toilets & 5 washbasins
  • There are slightly different regulations in place when it comes to the number of men only toilets and commercial urinals that are required by law in the India. This is broken down below:

  • 1-15 men – 1 toilet & 1 urinal
  • 16-30 men – 2 toilets & 1 urinal
  • 31-45 men – 2 toilets & 2 urinals
  • 46-60 men – 3 toilets & 2 urinals
  • 61-75 men – 3 toilets & 3 urinals
  • 76-90 men – 4 toilets & 3 urinals
  • 91-100 men – 4 toilets & 4 urinals
  • We take this all into consideration with our commercial restroom/washroom designs so that you don’t have to. Simply let us know the number of employees that you wish to accommodate for and we will feed that information into the bespoke commercial toilet refurbishment that we produce for your company.

    Transforming Your Restroom/Washroom Ideas into Reality


    Transforming Your Restroom/Washroom Ideas into Reality

    With our cutting-edge real-time 3D design capabilities, we can bring your ideas and space to life like never before. Through the use of high-definition photorealistic rendered images, we apply textures and finishes, allowing you to visualize your Restroom/Washroom design in remarkable detail even before construction begins.

    At the core of our approach is the understanding that each Restroom/Washroom refurbishment project is unique, tailored to our clients' specific needs. Whether it's commercial washrooms, educational toilets, or any other type of bathroom refurbishment, we excel at identifying your distinct requirements and crafting the perfect Restroom/Washroom environment that reflects your vision.

    Seamless Installation in the Hands of Experts

    Our proficient installation teams are readily available to provide comprehensive onsite support during the installation process.

    With their extensive experience in commercial bathrooms, educational toilets, and healthcare Restroom/Washroom settings, our team consistently applies their years of expertise and in-depth product knowledge to your project.

    Rest assured, our commitment to excellence ensures that every Restroom/Washroom installation is executed to the utmost standards, guaranteeing satisfaction for our valued clients.

    Successful Project

    Find Inspiration in Our Latest Restroom/Washroom Projects

    Are you ready to update your commercial restroom/washroom with an exclusive look? Whether you want to refurbish your office, school & healthcare toilet cubicles or any other commercial restroom/washroom, we can help. Our extensive collection of walls & water resistance wall panels are designed to create an atmosphere of warmth and authenticity in your washrooms. Choose from an extensive range of natural-looking motifs, designs and different tile sizes to give your washroom a new look and feel.